Travels: We're Off + GIVEAWAY!

Hello my loves! So, it's here. I'm boarding a plane and we're headed over to Europe for the Hell or High Water world tour! I honestly can't believe it's here. Over a year spent working on this record and it's finally out and available for your ears. 

First things first! I've partnered with a new app called GPSmyCity to do a little giveaway! I've tested tons of apps like this and so far this is one of the coolest I've come across. The little map will pull up all sorts of things that are around you and will give a little synopsis of each place. Plus it offers various routes depending on what you want to do (shop 'till you're broke, eat your face off, see old things, etc). Plus it works completely offline so you don't have to use international data - woooo! They are giving 20 readers a free full version of the Paris app (iOS only). Why Paris?? Because I love it and you need to put it on your travel bucket list if it isn't already there. Here's what you have to do:

Travels: We're Off + GIVEAWAY!

Travels: Where to next?

Happy Friday, my loves! It's currently 5:30am and I have been in insomnia town for about 3 hours. Blah. If you listened to Popecast numero 4 then you probably remember that our roof sprung a leak during Nashville's latest torrential downpour. Because of that we've been sleeping in the guest bedroom ('cause we have one of those now, whaaaaaat) so maybe my brain is just out of sorts. I don't know. I'm not a brain scientist. Anyway, I decided to give up the fight against awakeness and go ahead and make some tea and write about my feelings. 

Travels: Where to next?

Travels: Florida Phase 1 - The Casino Diaries

It’s rare that we have a summer like this one - free of any and all touring, press, and recording. While it doesn’t mean we’re free from work (still have to promote singles, get the tour together, and all of that jazz), we’re trying to relish every second of our low-key summer. Who knows when we’ll get another one like it, yaknowwutimean? So we decided that in order to make the best use of our non-existent vacation fund we'd go visit family in Florida for week one of FLORIDAPALOOZA 2015.

Travels: Florida Phase 1 - The Casino Diaries

Travels: A Spring Hamptons Weekend

Just when I had started to be a real life blogger, I threw it all away and skipped this weekend.

We spent this past weekend in the Hamptons with some of our close friends (and their cute baby, Max). As you might remember, Ron and I always spend a weekend in the fall out here (read: Anniversary Trip), so it was nice to enjoy some springtime beach weather. Up here "springtime weather" almost always means still very cold -- definitely no swimsuits. 

The Sunday Surf: Gilt Travel Essentials

Normally I think most "travel essentials" lists are bullshit & full of things that will slow you down and not help the travel process in any way. However, Gilt did a pretty bang up job of pulling this stuff together. Comfy pants, shirts that don't need ironing, useful bags... Well done, Gilt!  

Below are my faves, but you can see the whole list here

Procrastinator Gift Guide: What to buy for your travelin' friend

Welcome to the most specific gift guide you'll find all over the web. For this to be at all useful you not only have to be an insane procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping, but you ALSO need to be making a purchase for the jettsetter type of guy or gal (or yourself because you're awesome and you deserve it!). Of course, maybe you just come here to read me ramble on about the randomness that happens to be my life. 

Best of Beijing

I've been thinking about Beijing a lot lately. No real reason, just reminiscing I guess. We incorporated a trip to China as part of our honeymoon, which is something most people are surprised to hear. It's not exactly a top destination for newlyweds. However, we wanted to use our honeymoon as an opportunity to explore parts of the world we never would otherwise. China isn't on the horizon for touring and we were craving a bit of a cultural shock.

Best of Beijing

Life Motto

We've been crazy busy lately (babies being born, weddings being celebrated, tours wrapping up, etc), but I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this little space of the internet. My aunt sent me this and it feels like it's pretty appropriate for our life. I'm itching to do some non-work exploring of the world & have been plotting our next adventure. 


Swept Away by Broome

If you've never heard of Broome, you aren't alone. It's a tiny beach town on the Western edge of Australia that is known for pearls and camel rides (I'll get to that in a few). Once the Australian tour wrapped up, we still had a few days before I had to be back in the US and Ron left for the UK so we researched temporary headquarters for Ron Pope Music/DancePanda Entertainment. We ended the tour in Perth, so we weren't exactly in the best position to get to a lot of places. We found some AMAZINGLY cheap deals for Bali... if only it wasn't the height of rainy season! After some deliberation between our Aussie friends, they decided for us and told us to go to Broome, WA. We wouldn't be disappointed - they just knew it. Admittedly, the lure of camels was just about enough to make us say yes anyway. 

Melbourne Munchies

I maaaay have mentioned this once or twice, but Melbourne has quickly become one of my favorite cities in the world. Basically, it's Brooklyn on the other side of the planet. While the similarities are pretty striking (awesome shopping, interesting graffiti, cool bars, industrial areas, hipstery gentlemen, scary homeless people), they really stand out in a couple of areas. Stop me if you've heard this, but Melbourne is RIDICULOUS at coffee and food. No, don't stop me because I won't stop.

Operation Australia

I'm on the last leg of my flight back to New York, so I thought I'd get the Australia post party started. I think I may have beat jet lag... but that could just be the delirium talking. Or the pink elephants next to me. 24 hours of flying time -- hooray! My main goal at the moment (other than writing this post) is to get to New York and not forget to collect my bags. My second goal is to not forget to order pizza the second I get in the cab so it arrives at my apt 7-13 minutes after I get home.That's where I'm at right now (I feel I should preface anything I write right now with some sort of disclaimer).

The HM: Tokyo! (part 1)

So we made a stop in Tokyo back in October. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan. Their food, culture, and history has always interested me so I coerced my new husband to take me their as part of our HM. I was ecstatic from the minute we stepped off the plane. Like, I wanted chopsticks in my hands and sushi in my mouth instantly. I had so much planned! 

A Bus Bday

've gotten used to birthdays in random spots. Last year was in Paris... this year we were in... Bristol, England I think? Wherever we were, I gave Mr. Pope explicit instructions to NOT tell anyone it was my birthday and that I didn't want anyone to feel like we had to do anything for it. And before you think I'm one of those ladies that says that and then expects the opposite - you couldn't be more wrong.

Travelin' Tunesday: Dublin Edition

As you probably know, we're off again! We left our lovely little town of Brooklyn over a week ago and are in the UK and Ireland getting ready for RP's tour. Wahoo! Funny thing that you don't care about: I really love grocery stores and taxi drivers in London. For the first part of our trip we camped out there and those two things were brought to my attention (as if I didn't know them already).