Merry Thanksgiving! How to pull off the perfect turkey

Happy belated Thanksgiving, my dears! Hope your week has been spent relaxing with family, friends, or friends who are basically family. We spent the week in Atlanta with my fam. We switch off holidays with our families each year - so this means we'll be in NY with Ron's for Christmas. It's a pretty perfect system, I have to say (at least when no kids are involved on our behalf). 

Somehow I volunteered myself to make THE TURKEY this year. Who do I think I am?!

Nashville: Married to Music & Having an Affair with Food

What do you know, here I am again. We spent the past week in Nashville and just had a ball. Ron's was writing and I was working from the Nashville office. Nashville office? Yeah, I'm just kidding, I was just working from a futon in our Nashville Air BnB house. God bless the internets and how mobile this life is.