Travels: Florida Phase 2 - The 6AM Chronicles

Following our casino nights trip, we met my family in the gulf for a little family vacation. We haven't been able to get everyone on the same beach vacation in 10 years, so this was pretty special. I grew up going on massive family vacations that included grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the occasional friend. They were a blast and we desperately wanted to get back to those. So we loaded up our respective families and drove to Santa Rosa Beach, FL for a week of R&R. We wrangled babies, we played games, we drank more than our share of Miller Lite, and we got more sun than I thought my pale butt could handle (reapply sunscreen, people! It really works).

Travels: Florida Phase 2 - The 6AM Chronicles

Travels: Florida Phase 1 - The Casino Diaries

It’s rare that we have a summer like this one - free of any and all touring, press, and recording. While it doesn’t mean we’re free from work (still have to promote singles, get the tour together, and all of that jazz), we’re trying to relish every second of our low-key summer. Who knows when we’ll get another one like it, yaknowwutimean? So we decided that in order to make the best use of our non-existent vacation fund we'd go visit family in Florida for week one of FLORIDAPALOOZA 2015.

Travels: Florida Phase 1 - The Casino Diaries

Travels: A Spring Hamptons Weekend

Just when I had started to be a real life blogger, I threw it all away and skipped this weekend.

We spent this past weekend in the Hamptons with some of our close friends (and their cute baby, Max). As you might remember, Ron and I always spend a weekend in the fall out here (read: Anniversary Trip), so it was nice to enjoy some springtime beach weather. Up here "springtime weather" almost always means still very cold -- definitely no swimsuits. 

A New York New Year (+ Resolutions)

If you've followed me since last year (or even the year before - yikes!), you might recall that I am not a fan of resolutions and never make them. However, now that I'm slightly older, yet much wiser, I've decided to amend that decision. It doesn't hurt to kick off the new year on a positive note with some nice goals in mind. I started thinking about what I should resolve to do and out of pure unoriginality all I could come up with were health resolutions -- which honestly don't make that much sense for me. Get ready to hate me: I don't really like dessert, I kind of never eat sugar, I drink so much water that I constantly have to pee, and I don't have too much trouble motivating myself to exercise. My insides are pretty safe and sound.

Merry Thanksgiving! How to pull off the perfect turkey

Happy belated Thanksgiving, my dears! Hope your week has been spent relaxing with family, friends, or friends who are basically family. We spent the week in Atlanta with my fam. We switch off holidays with our families each year - so this means we'll be in NY with Ron's for Christmas. It's a pretty perfect system, I have to say (at least when no kids are involved on our behalf). 

Somehow I volunteered myself to make THE TURKEY this year. Who do I think I am?!

Nashville: Married to Music & Having an Affair with Food

What do you know, here I am again. We spent the past week in Nashville and just had a ball. Ron's was writing and I was working from the Nashville office. Nashville office? Yeah, I'm just kidding, I was just working from a futon in our Nashville Air BnB house. God bless the internets and how mobile this life is.