Just when I started to be a real life blogger, I threw it all away and skipped this weekend.

We spent this past weekend in the Hamptons with some of our close friends (and their cute baby, Max). As you might remember, Ron and I always spend a weekend in the fall out here (read: Anniversary Trip), so it was nice to enjoy some springtime beach weather. Up here "springtime weather" almost always means still very cold -- definitely no swimsuits. 

I think a lot of people think of the Hamptons as a little more glitzy than they actually are. You can definitely find the massive estates you read about in People mag (I guess, People?? I have literally have no idea)... but overall it's a very relaxed, chill environment. We ate lobster, built fires, did a few wine tastings, and took walks on the beach (in sweatshirts, of course). In a couple of weeks the crowds will descend and you'll have to wait 2 hours for a table at every restaurant... but if you can finagle a weekend away before everyone else appears you'll be livin A-OK. 

Food: Duryea's, The Lobster Roll, East Hampton Grill, Bostwick's Chowder House

Wine: Wölffer Estate (get the rose before it runs out), Channing Daughters

livin' A-OK over heyaaaa.