new year

Travels: Williamsburg 01.02.16

Happy New Year, Dears!

We're back in Brooklyn, celebrated the new year, and now my brain is pretty much ready to roll into 2016. I have a few resolutions that I plan to keep to myself this year. Not for fear that I won't accomplish them - they are just personal things I know I need to work on. 

Travels: Williamsburg 01.02.16

A New York New Year (+ Resolutions)

If you've followed me since last year (or even the year before - yikes!), you might recall that I am not a fan of resolutions and never make them. However, now that I'm slightly older, yet much wiser, I've decided to amend that decision. It doesn't hurt to kick off the new year on a positive note with some nice goals in mind. I started thinking about what I should resolve to do and out of pure unoriginality all I could come up with were health resolutions -- which honestly don't make that much sense for me. Get ready to hate me: I don't really like dessert, I kind of never eat sugar, I drink so much water that I constantly have to pee, and I don't have too much trouble motivating myself to exercise. My insides are pretty safe and sound.