“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” - Mark Twain

“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” - Mark Twain

My loves. It's 2015! We are officially in the future! We made it (minus the hoverboard). Hopefully you guys are well past the hangover stage of the new year and are settling into your new yoga/running/no sugar stage. We celebrated at home in Brooklyn with close friends. I had a full on photo session with my pie/drink creations and you can see that in all of its glory below. Enjoy!

If you've followed me since last year (or even the year before - yikes!), you might recall that I am not a fan of resolutions and never make them. However, now that I'm slightly older, yet much wiser, I've decided to amend that decision. It doesn't hurt to kick off the new year on a positive note with some nice goals in mind. I started thinking about what I should resolve to do and out of pure unoriginality all I could come up with were health resolutions -- which honestly don't make that much sense for me. Get ready to hate me: I don't really like dessert, I kind of never eat sugar, I drink so much water that I constantly have to pee, and I don't have too much trouble motivating myself to exercise. While I've been known to demolish a cheeseburger or two, my insides are pretty safe and sound.

Unfortunately, it's become more and more apparent that my brain is an absolute mess. I can't focus on one thing for more than 5 minutes (this post is taking FOREVER). My hobbies have gone to shit. I lack any sort of real schedule. I rack up hundreds of articles on my to-read list. I get frazzled when I think about planning things beyond a few days from the present. ETC ETC ETC. Basically, I need to reset myself. 2015 goals after the photo sesh!

  1. Work from a desk and confine all computer work to office. Plus, when I'm traveling, designate a single space to work. I'm super bad about working from the couch, kitchen table, bed... and that means that I don't know when the work stops/starts. This doesn't make for the best sleeping habits.
  2. Take my camera everywhere & start using my film camera again. While it may seem like I take pics out the wazoo, I really have been slacking on my little photography hobby and I feel like I am not getting any better at the whole art of it. The film thing is just awesome and I always loved the results.
  3. Take more photo and photo editing classes. To help out that one above
  4. Collaborate. I always have so many ideas about how my small roster of artists could work with other people, but I never have time to follow through. Make a plan and start working with other managers to get these things going - even if it's a long process. Shelving ideas sucks.
  5. Delegate. Hire an assistant. Like, stat.
  6. Make a schedule and attempt to stick to it even when traveling. I KNOW that if I take a mid-afternoon yoga class I won't be able to focus because I'm worried about work... so why do I continue to take them then? I don't want to squeeze shit in. I want to have a routine and make it work for me. This includes making time for my hobbies so I don't go crazy. 
  7. Plan a non-working vacation. All travel for the past year, aside from a 3 day long weekend, has involved work. Boo to that.
  8. Start incorporating different types of exercise into my life. Ok, ok... ONE health resolution! Yoga and running have been my go-tos and I really need a few others before boredom sets in.
  9. Only take on new projects when they make sense. I have to either really have a passion for it or it will help me pay my bills. No more helping out just to help out. This one mayyyyyy be the hardest. 
  10. Decorate my space. This may seem stupid, but I've lived in a half decorated apartment for 2 years now and it legitimately drives me nuts. I want to be comfortable and make something feel like a real home. 

That's ... it? Seems like a lot to me. Man, oh man, my brain has some organizing to do. 

Oh and just so ya know - that pie is this pie and that cocktail is this cocktail