A New York New Year (+ Resolutions)

If you've followed me since last year (or even the year before - yikes!), you might recall that I am not a fan of resolutions and never make them. However, now that I'm slightly older, yet much wiser, I've decided to amend that decision. It doesn't hurt to kick off the new year on a positive note with some nice goals in mind. I started thinking about what I should resolve to do and out of pure unoriginality all I could come up with were health resolutions -- which honestly don't make that much sense for me. Get ready to hate me: I don't really like dessert, I kind of never eat sugar, I drink so much water that I constantly have to pee, and I don't have too much trouble motivating myself to exercise. My insides are pretty safe and sound.

Berlin in a Blizzard.

We wrapped up 5 of 5 German shows in Berlin. In total, we visited Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin. Aside from LOVING the people we worked with for the shows, we had a pretty great time in Germany. The only place we got to spend any real time in was Berlin, though. We drove in a little early so we could walk around a bit and be a little touristy. Plus, we upgraded a bit on our hotel room (more on that in another post), so we couldn't wait to get somewhere cozy in the world's coldest place (not really, but it sure as hell isn't warm).

February, Love, + Paris.

Since we're in the midst of the month of St. Valentine, I thought I'd share some of the things that are rocking my world these days. First of all - this view. This actual view. From my actual camera. TO DIE FOR. So thankful to wake up to this everyday. I promise to show you around the neighborhood soon. As usual, I still haven't finished posting out the rest of our adventures that came before this. Other than the view, let's go over ten lovely things!

new start

For those of you that followed me from my old set-up - thanks! I was getting tired of blogger's set up and always faulty template settings. It never did quite what I needed... and since this is more of a side project than anything else, why have the headache, ya know? 

So here we are in a clean, pretty new space! I've moved over some of the 2013 posts, but all 2012 posts will stay forever at travelsizeme.blogspot.com. May she RIP. 

New header should change color by the season or my mood. We'll see about that. For now, we're kicking off February, the month of amore, with purple and pink. If it is still like that in June, please feel free to call me out. 



I heart... Antwerp?

I do, though. It's so charming! Its teeny, curving streets, old buildings, and crazy bike riding culture - I could eat it up! We had a rare day off in Antwerp, so we had a chance to relax and take in the city. Scratch that - I spent the morning in a Belgian laundromat trying to figure out how to read instructions written exclusively in Dutch.