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Travels: We're Off + GIVEAWAY!

Hello my loves! So, it's here. I'm boarding a plane and we're headed over to Europe for the Hell or High Water world tour! I honestly can't believe it's here. Over a year spent working on this record and it's finally out and available for your ears. 

First things first! I've partnered with a new app called GPSmyCity to do a little giveaway! I've tested tons of apps like this and so far this is one of the coolest I've come across. The little map will pull up all sorts of things that are around you and will give a little synopsis of each place. Plus it offers various routes depending on what you want to do (shop 'till you're broke, eat your face off, see old things, etc). Plus it works completely offline so you don't have to use international data - woooo! They are giving 20 readers a free full version of the Paris app (iOS only). Why Paris?? Because I love it and you need to put it on your travel bucket list if it isn't already there. Here's what you have to do:

Travels: We're Off + GIVEAWAY!

Travels: Pre-Tour Planning & Packing

It's that time of year again! Holidays mixed with the frantic realization that I only have a few short, sweet weeks left at home before I reside in a bus for a few months. I get lots and lots of questions about how I pack small for these shenanigans. I'm not going to lie - it's hard. However, I've created somewhat of a formula to this whole mess so it's gotten a tad easier. 

Travels: Pre-Tour Planning & Packing

The Sunday Surf: Gilt Travel Essentials

Normally I think most "travel essentials" lists are bullshit & full of things that will slow you down and not help the travel process in any way. However, Gilt did a pretty bang up job of pulling this stuff together. Comfy pants, shirts that don't need ironing, useful bags... Well done, Gilt!  

Below are my faves, but you can see the whole list here

Procrastinator Gift Guide: What to buy for your travelin' friend

Welcome to the most specific gift guide you'll find all over the web. For this to be at all useful you not only have to be an insane procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping, but you ALSO need to be making a purchase for the jettsetter type of guy or gal (or yourself because you're awesome and you deserve it!). Of course, maybe you just come here to read me ramble on about the randomness that happens to be my life. 

Best of Beijing

I've been thinking about Beijing a lot lately. No real reason, just reminiscing I guess. We incorporated a trip to China as part of our honeymoon, which is something most people are surprised to hear. It's not exactly a top destination for newlyweds. However, we wanted to use our honeymoon as an opportunity to explore parts of the world we never would otherwise. China isn't on the horizon for touring and we were craving a bit of a cultural shock.

Best of Beijing

Melbourne Munchies

I maaaay have mentioned this once or twice, but Melbourne has quickly become one of my favorite cities in the world. Basically, it's Brooklyn on the other side of the planet. While the similarities are pretty striking (awesome shopping, interesting graffiti, cool bars, industrial areas, hipstery gentlemen, scary homeless people), they really stand out in a couple of areas. Stop me if you've heard this, but Melbourne is RIDICULOUS at coffee and food. No, don't stop me because I won't stop.

Berlin in a Blizzard.

We wrapped up 5 of 5 German shows in Berlin. In total, we visited Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin. Aside from LOVING the people we worked with for the shows, we had a pretty great time in Germany. The only place we got to spend any real time in was Berlin, though. We drove in a little early so we could walk around a bit and be a little touristy. Plus, we upgraded a bit on our hotel room (more on that in another post), so we couldn't wait to get somewhere cozy in the world's coldest place (not really, but it sure as hell isn't warm).

baby went to Amsterdam

Amsterdam. A lot of things come to mind when someone mentions they went to Amsterdam, eh? 

Admittedly, it is a very fun town... but the legal-ness of certain things that aren't legal elsewhere aren't really the reason why. Look at it! It's adorable. Amsterdam was originally settled as a fishing village in the late 12th century... so you can see how all of the canals came in pretty handy.

I heart... Antwerp?

I do, though. It's so charming! Its teeny, curving streets, old buildings, and crazy bike riding culture - I could eat it up! We had a rare day off in Antwerp, so we had a chance to relax and take in the city. Scratch that - I spent the morning in a Belgian laundromat trying to figure out how to read instructions written exclusively in Dutch.