Travels: Pre-Tour Planning & Packing
I'm a ghost... in my typical black jeans, black t-shirt, black boots, and cardigan. TOUR UNIFORM.

I'm a ghost... in my typical black jeans, black t-shirt, black boots, and cardigan. TOUR UNIFORM.

It's that time of year again! Holidays mixed with the frantic realization that I only have a few short, sweet weeks left at home before I reside in a bus for a few months. I get lots and lots of questions about how I pack small for these shenanigans. I'm not going to lie - it's hard. However, I've created somewhat of a formula to this whole mess so it's gotten a tad easier. 

The first step to it all is the planning process, so we'll start there! I have a bad habit of wearing the exact same sort of thing everyday. At home it's boring and predictable - on the road, it's a godsend. Honestly, tour is probably WHY I essentially have a uniform... it's just easier. I am the sort of person that gets real frustrated real quick in the closet, so the less I have to think, the better. 

There are only a few rules to this small packing madness:

  1. Do not pack one thing that needs to be ironed.
  2. Pack things that can be worn multiple ways and multiple days before getting washed.
  3. Be realistic about your plans. Want to throw in a fancy dress on the off chance you get invited somewhere awesome? Don't. If plans like that arise, make a quick trip to Zara or H&M for a passable outfit. (plus packing a fancy dress turns into packing shoes, bag, jewelry, etc... no.)
  4. Don't overpack toiletries. Those are the easiest things to replace.
  5. DO bring along a little luxury from your routine at home. I always use lavender lotion on my hands before bed, so I bring it... things like that make me feel a little less displaced. 

Here are my picks for the upcoming tour. Hey, Madewell - want to be best friends??

Here's my thinking - I need to bring 7 days worth of clothes that can actually get me through 14 days if I mix and match outfits. Laundry days aren't guaranteed!

My plan: 

Pants - Bring black jeans and a pair of black leggings that could potentially be dressed up if needed.
Shirts - Bring 3-4 colors of my favorite t-shirt. Bring a flannel or denim shirt that can be worn on its own or layered. Bring a cardigan that can be a cozy alternative to flannel/denim layering option. One nicer shirt - it has to work at shows/meetings, but if we randomly get a night where we can splurge on dinner, I want to look ok. At the end of the day - a pretty necklace and some red lipstick can transform almost any outfit into something a little more special. 
Shoes/Coat/etc - One pair of shoes and coat that can get me through any situation (wouldn't look out of place at a nicer restaurant, but still works in a casual setting). Finally, I'll throw in a few pairs of tights and a couple of jersey dresses just for some outfit alternatives. 

All of this can fit in to a carry on suitcase! BAM. And that's how it's done. 

Actually going to have a very real scenario for you soon! Working on my packing list for my recent trip to Austin to give you a peek into how this all works IRL (do people still use that abbreviation?). 

Best of packing luck!