je t'aime, paris

that's a wall of love right there

that's a wall of love right there

Maybe it's the stress from wedding planning, maybe it's the fact that I've been in one place for an extended amount of time, maybe it's the fact that summer is winding down. Whatever it is, I have really missed Paris lately. The truth is, we weren't there long enough to really lay any claim to the city, but I am attached in a big way. I fully realize that two months in Paris does not make you a French citizen. However, I am constantly jotting things down and ripping pages out of magazines for recommendations next time as if it's already planned. Also, I LOVE the metro there & think about how amazing it is all the time. Who loves a metro? Who thinks about one all the time?! Ahhh, Paris.... what have you done to me? 

I need your bread, cheese, and wine in me stat.  

So that's that. I guess we'll have to plan another long stay there or I'll go crazy. Hear that RP???  

Also, I'm fairly certain that our local sunday night dinner spot misses our half decent French. I sure miss them entertaining it :)