Berlin Wall

We wrapped up 5 of 5 German shows in Berlin. In total, we visited Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin. Aside from LOVING the people we worked with for the shows, we had a pretty great time in Germany. The only place we got to spend any real time in was Berlin, though. We drove in a little early so we could walk around a bit and be a little touristy. Plus, we upgraded a bit on our hotel room (more on that in another post), so we couldn't wait to get somewhere cozy in the world's coldest place (not really, but it sure as hell isn't warm). When Rp's booking agent said "oh, you should tour in January - no one is touring in January!" we thought, oh great, more fans for us, yay. What we didn't consider was WHY no one was touring in January in Europe. It's complete misery outside! As always, we still ended up having fun. SO - what do you need to do in Berlin? Well, here are a few things. 

Must-do: Berlin Edition!

  1. Eat a curry wurst. You have to! Just trust us. And when you do and you think to yourself, "this is just a hotdog with curry & ketchup on it" remember I sent you. 
  2. Berlin Wall. There are still pieces all around Berlin. Learn about it - it's a very strange concept for me to wrap my head around, but it's a giant piece of very important history. Learn! We saw the piece at Topographie des Terrors
  3. Photoautomat. These photo booths are set up all over Berlin. This is a thing. Jump in one and go crazy! Send one to your mother. She'll love to see your face.
  4. Berlin Museum Island. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to do this, but I would love to spend a day or two wandering through the five museums that make up the island. The Pergamon Museum is a part of this - the most visited museum in Germany. Read about it.
  5. Have fun! Dance! Drink beer! This is a uber-hip city. Rp and I had dinner amongst Berlin hipsters and could feel "cool" dripping from the walls and radiating from their thrifted shirts. Yes, we did feel a little at home after being away from Brooklyn for so long. Ahhh hipsters - how I've missed you. 

Behold Rp's unsure curry wurst face + the Berlin wall.




I'm sure there is so much I missed since we spent such a short time there. If you are clued in on the ins and outs of Berlin, let me know in the comments!

'till next time,