morning view. paris.

Since we're in the midst of the month of St. Valentine, I thought I'd share some of the things that are rocking my world these days. First of all - this view. This actual view. From my actual camera. TO DIE FOR. So thankful to wake up to this everyday. I promise to show you around the neighborhood soon. As usual, I still haven't finished posting out the rest of our adventures that came before this. Other than the view, let's go over ten lovely things!

  1. This Kate Spade purse (Cobble Hill Ellen) has taken me around the world. The fact that it's small, cross body, & incredibly lightweight makes it perfect for traveling. It fits just what you need & nothing more, so it forced me to stay organized. Also, everything zips on it, which is a major concern with travel purses. PLUS, it's adorable - so we can't forget that. 
  2. My discovery of ORDNING&REDA in Stockholm! Swedish for "neat & tidy" - this place makes my organizational dreams a reality. While in Stockholm, I grabbed a 2013 planner & a new laptop sleeve. I use my iPhone & google calendar relentlessly, but I still like to have a small planner to keep track of daily notes & inspirations when I come across them.
  3. Rifle Paper Co. Cards, stationary, etc. With the amount of friends giving birth lately, I've purchased more than a few of their awesome baby cards. Plus, they have some amazing Thank You cards for my upcoming nuptials. 
  4. Turning 30. It's every bit as awesome as I hoped for and much less scary than I thought it would be.
  5. Goodnight Texas' "Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine"
  6. Parc Monceau. After more than a few months of not running/not caring about running, the discovery of the running path in this park has completely renewed my spirit. Plus, the people watching is outrageous. Yesterday afternoon we saw a woman in a black ball gown and ponies. Legit.  
  7. French bread. French wine. French cheese. Yes, it's cliche. No, I don't care. Parisians walk around with loaves of bread just like in the movies. And now I do too!
  8. My new mini camera - the Canon G15. It's not exactly mini, but it's 10x smaller than the DSLR I usually lug around. I've been overwhelmingly surprised at how well this thing captures the moment. A wider range manual functions than most point & shoots & pretty good in low light as well.
  9. The Four Seasons website. It makes honeymoon planning that much dreamier. 
  10. Postcards... because how awesome is it to get a good old fashioned love note via snail mail? We pick them up every city we're in.


Happy February, all! Anything making you feel lovey lately? Comment and I'll check it out!

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