Denmark: jewels + pickled fish.

I'll take it! 

I'll take it! 

Oh, Denmark... what an interesting little country you are. We stopped in Copenhagen while on tour and were lucky enough to have a night off there. Rp is part Danish, but neither of us know a ton about the culture so we wanted to take the time to eat some traditional food and explore.  What we were shocked to learn (from our taxi driver) is that the "world's best restaurant" resides in Copenhagen... WHAAAT? SAY AGAIN? No, it's real. At least that's what google says anyway. Noma is said restaurant. Not sure exactly how one goes about getting this title, but nonetheless, it's always completely booked so there must be some substance to the rumors. Either way, we didn't get in, so boo. However, we did get to eat at Puk - which to us was just as amazing (mostly since we have no reference point). We buckled down and got all completely danish food: pickled herring on rye (not for me), Danish stew (amaze-balls), and a traditional Christmas dinner of pork, potatoes, & red cabbage (in-effing-credible).

So, with that abnormally long intro, let's do the 5 things you must do in Denmark:

Must Do: Copenhagen Edition!

  1. Eat the food. Of course I was going to say that after that introduction. Don't knock it 'till you try it! 
  2. Go visit the old castle - Kronborg. SO GOOD. One of my favorites that I've seen so far. The crown jewels section in this castle is out of this world. I have so many photos of this place & I'm going to show you ALL OF THEM. 
  3. Freetown/Christiania. This is a hippie run community that has completely separate rules from the Danish government. We were advised that you CANNOT take photos here. The locals are nice until you whip out a camera. Because of their separate "rules" they take their privacy extremely seriously. 
  4. Shop - normally I HATE when people tell me that the thing to do is to go shopping. I live in New York & my second favorite city is Paris... you will not blow me away with your Zara's and H&M's (no matter how much I love them). However... if you skip the chain stores, Copenhagen's off-beat shopping districts actually have some interesting boutiques. Head to Vesterbro & Nørrebro (NOT Strøget). 
  5. Carnival! If you're there in the warm months, go to Tivoli - their beloved amusement park. It's the second oldest amusement park in the world (opened in 1843). It's quite enchanting - not your run of the mill Six Flags over here.  

Now, as promised, here are a million photos of my future home... once I can figure out how to move it to a beach. It's comes with a piano, a bazillion mirrors, a pristine tea set, a wine cellar, and all of my favorite jewels. Perfect!

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hope you guys enjoyed!

later, lovers.