Yup. It sure is. 

Yup. It sure is. 

Welcome to March, little monkeys! New month, new blog colors. I would love to say that spring is in the air, but here in Paris it seems to have regressed back to winter.  Il pleut et neige tout les temps! Major bummer.  However, this nastiness has allowed me time to catch up on our taxes - the most fun an adult can have.  To get me through this very trying time, I need to focus on more positive, happy things. Like we did in February, let's talk about 10 things that are putting a spring in my step! (get it?! no, do you? So, I said spring in my step because March should be spring time. Now the joke isn't funny anymore. Please try to keep up next time. GAH everything is ruined!)

  1. Maje. So, we have Maje in New York, but I've never felt compelled to shop there. Why? I have NO idea. This Frenchie brand is amazing. Same goes for Sandro - why don't I shop there in NYC? 
  2. eos chapstick ball (chapball?). very little needs to be said about this - I'm just addicted to this ball of goodness. It's gone too far - I'm at the point of no return.
  3. Morgan Kendall art. Morgan is a childhood friend of mine who turned into a badass artist. We lost touch after high school, but after seeing some of her pieces that she posted on Pinterest, I am totally hooked. It's fantastical and dreamlike in the best way. When I get back to the states and have a real address I am going to order one of her drawings on an iPhone cover... because the internets allow things like that to exist. Oh, internets, I love you.  
  4. The bar we were at last night in Montmartre. I'm not sure it had a name, but it was very small, very hipstery, and had a dog. Oh my God, maybe we were in someone's house.
  5. Saint Laurent. I don't even need to know why YSL made a new collection and started calling it Saint Laurent. I DON'T CARE. Just give it all to me.
  6. This 90s playlist on Spotify - just try to hate it. You can't!
  7. "Hold On" - Tom Waits (and that amazing placement for it in The Walking Dead)
  8. And speaking of... THE WALKING DEAD. How did I go so long without this show? We just started watching last week and are now completely caught up. Andreaaaaa!!!!!!!! What are you THINKING, Andrea?!
  9. Le Vache et le Cuisinier - BEST steak frites in our neighborhood. Remember when I was a vegetarian? Yeah, me neither. (maybe one day again, but not in Paris). 
  10. Monkeys Always Look etsy shop. First of all - the name. Second, how killer are these rings? We want. 

and an extra special addition to the list to plug THE ONLY SHOW RP WILL BE PLAYING IN THE US THIS YEAR! Irving Plaza in NYC on Aug. 10. Buy those ticket and get your butts there. This'll be a great one.

Anything you're lovin lately, my loves? If you think I'd like, let me know in the comments. lata!