paradise found.

paradise found.

even though I STILL have plenty of Europe to post, I decided to take a break from winter nastiness and reminisce about a warm holiday in Mexico. I am so over cold weather. It's time for us to break up. Give me sandals, no make up, bright pink nail polish, and a cold, cold beer (which, in all honestly, means give me 5 beers). 

Last year we booked a last minute vacation to Puerto Vallarta. We got a crazy deal and stayed at an amazing, amazing place. Part of the reason we got such a good deal is that we booked a place that normal hosts weddings... and didn't have one! So, essentially we booked an entire resort to ourselves and only paid for one room. Playa Fiesta was fantastic - they didn't care we were the only ones there and we had a blast getting to know everyone who worked there.

While the food at the resort was also pretty outstanding, we went into town a few nights for dinner as well for more traditional fare. What's great about this city is that while it is still full of locals, it's very safe! (Seriously, check into every place you go and see if it's safe... a bunch aren't right now) Of course you'll find the obligatory Señor Frog's... but if you take a local's advice on a restaurant, you won't be let down. We were infinitely pleased. 

Of course, the number one reason we love this resort is that it came with A DOG. Ugh, i die.

a very mexican style bed - on concrete! but comfortable nonetheless

amazingly private balcony

a beach friend.


afternoon wanders

rock handstands

fresh flowers at lunch

fresh flowers at lunch

Jeffe - the boss!

I got your sunset right here. 

Hope you enjoyed that break from snow & freezing temperatures. If you live somewhere like this - I hate you.

love, b