Travels: We're Off + GIVEAWAY!
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Hello my loves! So, it's here. I'm boarding a plane and we're headed over to Europe for the Hell or High Water world tour! I honestly can't believe it's here. Over a year spent working on this record and it's finally out and available for your ears. 

First things first! I've partnered with a new app called GPSmyCity to do a little giveaway! I've tested tons of apps like this and so far this is one of the coolest I've come across. The little map will pull up all sorts of things that are around you and will give a little synopsis of each place. Plus it offers various routes depending on what you want to do (shop 'till you're broke, eat your face off, see old things, etc). Plus it works completely offline so you don't have to use international data - woooo! They are giving 20 readers a free full version of the Paris app (iOS only). Why Paris?? Because I love it and you need to put it on your travel bucket list if it isn't already there. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Comment on this blog and tell me your instagram handle
  2. follow me on instagram (@dancepanda)

That's it! First 20 will get a promo code.

Next - I told you that I would be showing you my packing skills. Without further ado, I present to you my best work yet. One month away from home - all packed in this little guy. This is his second little tour around Europe, but I take even more pride this time because of the sheer organization here! Like, I'm seriously so nerdishly happy about this. To give full credit where credit is due, I copped some ideas from How To Pack Like A Rockstar (yes, that's a real thing). BEHOLD: 

To be fair, this doesn't include my backpack, which is stuffed to the gills. However, it's my traveling office for the month, so something had to give. And just to give you the overall idea of what our life is like - this is the actual view of our AirBnB right now. Merch/guitar explosion.

Later, guys! Comment and get something freeeeeeee!