Travels: I'm back (sort of)

Travels: I'm back (sort of)

Hey friends! As you can tell, we are horrible at fulfilling our promises of podcasting and blogging while touring. We're the worst! Luckily, the shows have just been TOO GOOD so that made us too busy to attempt to continue these side projects. I can't even believe anyone really listened to that podcast outside of our parents, so it has been neat to hear that you guys miss it! Whenever someone tells me that at a show, I'm shocked and suspicious. 

We've got the rest of this US tour and then SXSW... AND THEN hopefully we'll get back into a normal routine of asking you to pay attention to whatever we're doing. Honestly, I am feeling less than inspired with words lately (I blame my constant emailing), so the updates would have been super boring anyway. 

That's about that! See you tonight in Minneapolis! 

Here are my favorite snaps from Europe!