Flasback Friday: Time Travel Style. London!


1. Yes, I realize this is posting on Saturday.

2. Lay off, I wrote it on Friday.

my love affair with traveling really started in the summer of 2009 when I went to visit that dancing lady behind me. She had just moved from NYC to London and her tales of English boys and champagne were too hard to resist. I was pretty broke so I had no business booking this trip, but I'd had a pretty whimsical summer and decided to throw any savings I had at a final summer blow out. The whimsy also shared space with ... let's just say some not awesome stuff, so this trip was more than necessary. Turns out it was pretty life altering. Not only did I have the time of my life (Dirty Dancing style), but I learned that I am more than capable of taking on the universe alone.  It was perfect - while my friend went to work, I explored and got to know the city. I walked everywhere - I learned how to travel solo - I took photo after photo - I became the master of self portraits in front of historical landmarks (erm, sort of) - I had drinks with strangers - I made new friends. I came back without an ounce of heartbreak and in a much better position for what life was about to throw at me (which is a whole 'nother story all together). 

Moral of the story - go see the damn world! It's pretty big, so you better get started. It might fix more than the empty spaces of your passport. 

and now... ahhhh, the memories!