Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Water snakes! In PARIS! 

I am not overreacting. If you're not aware, this is the year of the WATER SNAKE! (If the voice saying this in your head is not Samuel L. Jackson, you are doing it wrong). Chinese New Year happened to fall during the time we spent in Paris. Little did we know, Paris celebrates it quite well! One of my oldest and most dear friends (we bonded over gymnastics and a mutual love of Leonardo DiCaprio when we were 10 years old) was in Paris for the weekend and clued us into the festivities. So, on a frightfully cold February day, we trekked down to the 13th for the main parade. I was really smart and wore little pointy toe flats without tights. It was awesome. While we were an hour late, in true European style, they decided to start whenever they damn well pleased. After an hour of waiting - which means 2 hours after it was supposed to start - we were treated to fireworks, balloons, bright costumes, and dragons galore! ALSO - we got hit on by two 18 year old Parisian boys. STILL GOT IT, BABY! Still got it. When we had our fill of parade, frozen toes, and immature flirtation, we wrapped the day up with a late asian lunch. 

If you're curious about what the year of the Water Snake will bring.... I went to trusted online source "Online Chinese Astrology" for an answer. Here is what it has to say: 

Dragon gets all the press, but Snake is the Yin to the Dragon’s Yang. They are the fifth and sixth Earthly Branches of the Chinese Zodiac and form a karmic pair. That means we can expect high highs and low lows again this year. You see, like the Dragon, the Snake does not settle for mediocrity. True, the Snake is more subtle than the flamboyant Dragon, but it makes as big a splash – when it wants to.

YIKES. Big old yikes. I feel like the world has seen some low lows lately... fingers crossed the high highs are just around the corner!

Without further ado, here is your photo gallery. Enjoy! We sure did.