baby went to Amsterdam

Amsterdam love

Amsterdam. A lot of things come to mind when someone mentions they went to Amsterdam, eh? 

Admittedly, it is a very fun town... but the legal-ness of certain things that aren't legal elsewhere aren't really the reason why. Look at it! It's adorable. Amsterdam was originally settled as a fishing village in the late 12th century... so you can see how all of the canals came in pretty handy. As a newcomer, it's quite easy to get lost (which we did even with our iPhone maps) - this canal intersects with that canal; that old brick building on the corner looks like that old brick building on the other corner.  

Unfortunately, we were only there for one night. Fortunately, we got to spend it with other globe-trotting friends of ours who happened to be there at the same time. They had a bit more time there, so they told us about some must-do things.

The Can't-Miss Five, Amsterdam Edition

  1. The Red Light District. Because aren't you a little curious? Why not, right?
  2. Get on a house boat. Tons of tours. Some of them involve pizza. Some of them involve pizza and beer. I'd choose the latter. 
  3. Drink in the icebar, XtraCold. That's right - a bar made of ice. Does it really matter if you're a club goer or bar hopper? No. We're talking about EXPERIENCES, people. 
  4. Van Gogh MuseumYou have to admit that this was one interesting character. This is supposed to be the best Van Gogh museum out there as it contains the most VG pieces of any museum.
  5. Eat Apple Pie. Mr. RP does not believe in the apple pie phenomenon, but I'd say you should give it a shot.  The place to do this is Winkle43.

As far as our trip, we got to wait for a keyboard to be delivered... which led to some serious boredom in the green room. After Rp played an incredible, sell-out show, we went to a couple of bars with our friends and sadly had to call it a night fairly early. Another city and another show the next day. Can't wait to visit again and do all of the things I'm telling you to do!

Until then, enjoy: Backstage boredom, houseboats on houseboats on houseboats, canals on canals on canals, and our faces.


Also, for my last piece of info on this entry... in case you're on the fence or unsure about it, Holland and The Netherlands are the same thing :] I hear people get confused about that. Totally not me. Yeah... not me at all. 

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