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Typical Days: Shop Local Saturday!

Morning! Hope you had lots of turkey or tofurkey and whatever sides you love the most! To me, the sides are probably the best part, but I am pretty damn proud of the bird that I cook. If you want to look over that, go visit this little post from last year where I talk turkey (fo real).

We don't really participate in black Friday at this house, but we DO participate in finding the perfect Christmas tree, so that's how we spent our post-thanksgiving Friday. However, today is Shop Local/Shop Small Saturday and I'm more than happy to comply with that made up holiday. Shopping local has become very trendy and I am thrilled for it. New York made me into a minimalist, so basically every purchase I make now is something I truly want and care about. Really doesn't get any better than locally made goods. Luckily Nashville has some amazing artisans and I just fell right in love with them! Here are my favorites if you're on the hunt for some gifts for yourself or your most-loved!

Typical Days: Shop Local Saturday!

Nashville: Married to Music & Having an Affair with Food

What do you know, here I am again. We spent the past week in Nashville and just had a ball. Ron's was writing and I was working from the Nashville office. Nashville office? Yeah, I'm just kidding, I was just working from a futon in our Nashville Air BnB house. God bless the internets and how mobile this life is.