My professional wine holder

My professional wine holder

I've gotten used to birthdays in random spots. Last year was in Paris... this year we were in... Bristol, England I think? Wherever we were, I gave Mr. Pope explicit instructions to NOT tell anyone it was my birthday and that I didn't want anyone to feel like we had to do anything for it. And before you think I'm one of those ladies that says that and then expects the opposite - you couldn't be more wrong. I just felt like - we're on tour, we're at work, every one is tired, let's not make a big deal out of it, ya know? I could always celebrate when we got home. (I feel like that paragraph is so grammatically wrong and in all of the wrong tense, but my brain hurts and I don't feel like obsessing over it.) 

Well, the boys had something else in mind (sweet fellas). Our bus driver, Neil, acquired a cake and stashed it on the bus during the show and the guys in the band (plus, Miss Alexz Johnson) got me cards and gave me a mini-party on the bus. It was pretty amazing to be in my pj's, drink wine, eat cake and be surrounded by the sweetest people on journey all doing what we love. Definitely not what I would have imagined as a party 5 years ago... but that night I wouldn't have traded it for the world. 

bad iPhone pics below! and a fun video provided by AJ here - yipppeeeee!

John (our TM) can't handle the madness. 

Ok, back to never blogging again.