The HM: Tokyo! (part 1)

Ueno Park.... yesssss

Ueno Park.... yesssss

If you haven't noticed, I'm not on tour with Ron and the guys in the US. If you also haven't noticed, I'm still really bad at keeping this thing up. Nonetheless, we shall not dwell on that. We never do!

So we made a stop in Tokyo back in October. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan. Their food, culture, and history has always interested me so I coerced my new husband to take me their as part of our HM. I was ecstatic from the minute we stepped off the plane. Like, I wanted chopsticks in my hands and sushi in my mouth instantly. I had so much planned! 

Here's what we did (in photo order): 

  1. Took the metro and wandered! This might seem so simple, but I effing LOVE metro systems. It's a sickness and I know I've mentioned it before. Basically, I look at all of them as challenges I want to conquer. Rp always wants to take a taxi. I want to sub it or walk. 
  2. Took in the old and new coexisting so sweetly (The Imperial Palace is right in the middle of the city). Also saw creepy posters, which was equally exciting!
  3. Had fun in Akihabara (the electronics district). Everything is cute. Everything is a game. It's ridiculous! We played the claw game about 50,000 times. I won sushi keychains. I was thrilled. 
  4. Had Kirin at lunch and our first ramen of the trip! We just pointed at the menu and hoped for the best. Kanpai! 
  5. Went to a Kaiseki dinner. This is fancayyyyy so we dressed up (and I took mirror pics because I'm classy). Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. It's incredibly detailed and gorgeous, but completely inappropriate to take pics, so if you want to know more you can read about it here: I have to be totally honest. We weren't into some of the dises they brought to our table, but it was a memorable experience all the same. I think traditions that are executed with such precision and care are beautiful in a way I can't explain. So glad we had the chance to take part in this!

That's it for now! More Tokyo to come... 

Happy Saturday!