Travels: Parks and Rec, Tokyo Edition

One of the things I always do when we get to a new place is seek out a park. Blame my dad for my obsession. He works in Parks and Rec (think Ron Swanson, but he actually does his job), so I feel it is my duty to document them all over the world for him. Maybe one day I'll make a book - who knows. I love seeing how different they all are across the world and how each culture uses them. In New York there are as many people napping as there are exercising. In Spain it's half circus half party. Parks in England are full of dogs and perfectly manicured gardens. I was ridiculously excited to see what Japan had in store for us. We found that parks here are incredibly tranquil you feel a sense of peace almost the instant you step foot inside. Most are dedicated to a shrine, but there is this beautiful energy all over. I loved it. 

Travels: Parks and Rec, Tokyo Edition

The HM: Tokyo! (Part Ramen) (Part 2)

Lately I've really had a crush on ramen. And by lately I mean since November. No, I'm not talking about the kind you buy for .50 a pack and toss in the microwave and live off of during college (ahem, university for you abroad people). I'm talking real-deal, almost positively tastes slightly like fish even if there is no fish, comes with a boiled egg, RAMEN. Now that I've lead with that... this title is slightly misleading. I'm going to talk about ALL food in the wonderland known as Tokyo. Let's break it down by meal.

The HM: Tokyo! (part 1)

So we made a stop in Tokyo back in October. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan. Their food, culture, and history has always interested me so I coerced my new husband to take me their as part of our HM. I was ecstatic from the minute we stepped off the plane. Like, I wanted chopsticks in my hands and sushi in my mouth instantly. I had so much planned!