Travelin' Tunesday: Road Tunes Edition

©DancePanda 2014

©DancePanda 2014

So we are the last leg of the most EPIC UK/European tour. These crowds have been insane in the best way. We have a show in Amsterdam tonight, then a few more in Germany, then we're BACK TO BROOKLYN. I've been away for a over a month already so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy thrilled to be in the home stretch.  I would like to say I have a whole bunch of posts in the bag about the tour, but we've been on such a tight schedule that I mostly just see the inside of the bus and the inside of the venue. No special food recommendations or anything good like that. Sowweey, y'all! Trust me, I wish it was different too. However, I still have loads of show photos and pics from our travels in Asia, so those will be coming (at some point). Anyway - here are the tunes running through my head and through my earbuds while we're on tour:

  1. Warpaint - Biggy
  2. Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead (this pops back up on my playlists every 6 months or so)
  3. Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna
  4. Jeff Buckley - Be Your Husband
  5. Swim Deep - She Changes The Weather
  6. Arcade Fire - Afterlife
  7. Tegan & Sara - Call It Off (for those of you that think this duo is a new one - this was my jam many moons ago)
  8. Jonas Alaska - If Only As A Ghost (not on Spotify, watch HERE)
  9. Alexz Johnson - Skipping Stone (an old one to prep you for her new EP)
  10. French Horn Rebellion/Savoir Adore - The Fire
  11. Sam Smith - Money on My Mind
  12. St. Vincent - Digital Witness (and you can stream the whole new album on NPR) 

Annie Clark is my favorite weirdo genius. Any unlinked songs are on my Spotify Playlist. Go check it.