Travelin' Tunesday: Dublin Edition

tea pup

tea pup


As you probably know, we're off again! We left our lovely little town of Brooklyn over a week ago and are in the UK and Ireland getting ready for RP's tour. Wahoo! Funny thing that you don't care about: I really love grocery stores and taxi drivers in London. For the first part of our trip we camped out there and those two things were brought to my attention (as if I didn't know them already).

I don't really understand my obsession with grocery stores, but I insist on going in them everywhere we travel. As far as taxi drivers, they are just SO much more lovely than the ones in New York. They're friendly, they drive safely, and they almost always knows where they are going. They're quite chatty too... but opposite of NY drivers, they don't tell you a creepy story and lead you to believe you are about to get kidnapped. Ok, that's just a generalization, I'm sure there are very nice people who drive cabs in NY. I'm sure of it. 

Back to my point! So we're traveling (again/as always). I thought I'd give you one of these Travelin' Tuesday/Tunesday posts and give you a peek into my ears. Just a word of warning: MOST of this is sad/depressing, which does not reflect my mood, but probably the weather.

  1. ASTR - Operate (not on the Spotify list, but you can listen here)
  2. The Staves - Mexico
  3. Foxes - Youth
  4. Beck - Blue Moon 
  5. Twin Shadow - I Don't Care
  6. Lucius - Two Of Us On The Run
  7. Sun Kil Moon - Ben's My Friend (if you're new here, I put a real oldie on the playlist)
  8. S. Carey - Fire-scene
  9. States - I Hope You Stay Gone

Listen to the full list on Spotify HERE!

Aside from that I'm listening to Calling Off The Dogs - duh. For the millions, nay trillions, of you that have asked: I love all of the songs, but Silver Spoon, Off Your Feet, Blood From a Stone are my top runners.

Sometimes I want to move to London. Then I remember rain and Brooklyn, so I decide not to.