berry cold in New York

berry cold in New York

Well we're back. Back from a whirlwind of nuptials and travels and I'm EXHAUSTED. GUYS... exhausted. Part of me is really sad to be back, but most of me is thrilled to be back in Brooklyn & being a real person. So, I swear one day soon I'm going to sit down, drink multiple glasses of wine and write about all of these crazy places we just went, but for now I'm going to do one of those lists that I used to do at the beginning of the month telling you about all of the things that are making my life enjoyable. 

  1. Graphic Image Planner - Thanks to Those Kinds Of Girls for the tip, I have upgraded my planner game for 2014 AND had it personalized with my new married lady name. YOWZA. Still weird. I don't know what it is, but no matter the amount of technology I surround myself with, I still feel more productive and organized when I physically make to-do lists. I hear this is not strange for type-A ladies, but it's still a little weird in general, right? 
  2. Daydream Nation (shoes in particular) - I bought some bad ass shoes when we were in Hong Kong and now I'm fixated. Look at these oxfords. TOTALLY RAD.  
  3. AFAR - seriously the best travel magazine & website I've come across. Super easy to search for suggestions - I used it a bunch when we were in Asia.
  4. Southern Living Magazine - does that make me an old lady? Doesn't seem to be something I'm concerned with... 
  5. The Christmas tree stands around Williamsburg... my walk to the store now smells AMAZING
  6. Real Time Farms - GO TO THIS WEBSITE, FIND YOUR LOCAL FARMER'S MARKET AND GO BUY PURPLE CARROTS! and blue potatoes, and fancy pickles.
  7. The Humans of New York BOOK! Go buy it - it's awesome. And if you haven't already, fan HONY on FB for daily New York people awesomeness (
  8. The Mindy Project. REAL late to the game on this one, but I'm full on obsessed with this show.

Sadly, I can only think of 8 this time. I guess the holidays and a certain album release (AHEM, you better know what I'm talking about) are taking up all of my brain waves. So with that, I'm going to take a walk down memory lane and post some my favorite photos of Christmas past.

Well THAT was all over the place, wasn't it. Cut me some slack... I'm just getting back into this. 

'Till next time, y'all!