tres: Barcelona!

La Boqueria!

La Boqueria!

Yeah. I know. I seriously have so many photos from a 3 day trip to Barcelona. I was snap happy, what can I say? La Boqueria was on my list of 5 must-do things in Barcelona, so now I'm going to let you enjoy the pics. Like I mentioned, the people who run the stalls aren't so friendly with the camera, so this is not my best work, I'll admit. Sneaky photography is a bitch. 

After the market, we took our feet to the coast, had an amazing lunch, and then got prepped to go out for the evening. Somehow, we managed to get hit on my 18 year old spanish boys. It was creepy, but also awesome.   

That's it for Barcelona! I can't wait to visit Spain again! Maybe I'll let Rp come next time :)