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Family Traditions

About 6 years ago, my main man RP and I started a really sweet tradition of going on a day-trip to the Hamptons each year in the fall. I wrote about it once before in a really lovely post (If I do say so myself) on my old blog that I actually used to keep up. Slowly that day trip became a stay over trip, and then this year we finally jumped into a weekend trip. However, it was with good reason that we indulged in a little Hamptons R&R - we were celebrating our very first wedding anniversary. Cheers to us, we made it through a year of wedded bliss.

Family Traditions

Lost in Lou

Oh hey oh hey. We've been back at home for a week and I'm finally sorting through this mess of photos. The tour was amazing - the new songs slayed and really seemed to resonate with everyone. SUCCESS! However, touring itself is weird. We go so many places, but rarely get to see or do anything out of the ordinary. On some days I only see the bus and the venue, depending on how busy it is. 

Lost in Lou

the wilderness

Heyoooo! Here we are almost on tour again. As you may know, Ron and the guys have hunkered down at a lake house in our home state of Georgia and are working on the new album (yayyy x a million!). It's seriously so ridiculous, I can't even tell you. I mean, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill ya! While I DO have pics of the happenings inside the house, I'm not allowed to share them yet. I still thought it would be fun to take you around the area and show you what we're dealing with out here. The wild flower situation is out of control and I borderline can't handle it. 

Get Lost in Central Park

As a general rule, New Yorkers agree that Central Park is the literal and figurative heart of the city. For me, it holds so many memories. Some mundane - I used to walk home through the park every day after work to decompress. Some life altering - I had my first date with Rp in the park and that's also where we got engaged. I've watched countless movies, seen amazing concerts, listened to the New York Philharmonic, & trained for a half marathon in this park. However, one of my favorite things about this green strip of the city is that you never know what you're going to get when you step foot inside.

Little Bits of LA

Hello! Good morning, afternoon, and evening! Since we're in Australia I have absolutely no concept about what time or day it is. It's been fabulous to be back here, but admittedly it was tough to say goodbye to the west coast. Ron played with a crew of LA guys and they were RIDICULOUS. The best thing about him having band members all over the world... friends all over the world! Yay! 


Knoxville is one of the best places on Earth. Yes, I'm completely biased as I lived there for 4 years while going to college, but it's seriously one of the cutest little American cities. I've taken Ron back there once before, but that was during an SEC football game so the experience was a bit different (think a massive sea of people wearing head to toe orange, drinking whiskey at noon, and doling out high fives). This time we went back for Ron to play a show.  It was also the day before Easter, so this Bible-belt city was much more relaxed.