La Cienega just smiles and says, "I'll see you around"

La Cienega just smiles and says, "I'll see you around"

Hello! Good morning, afternoon, and evening! Since we're in Australia I have absolutely no concept about what time or day it is. It's been fabulous to be back here, but admittedly it was tough to say goodbye to the west coast. Ron played with a crew of LA guys and they were RIDICULOUS. The best thing about him having band members all over the world... friends all over the world! Yay! 

We were mostly busy with press and shows in LA, but for the first time ever, we got to spend some REAL time there - like, go running, eat at multiple restaurants/see friends multiple times kinda time. So.... sorry, Mom, but I kinda started to fall in love! I mean... first of all the weather. Second of all, THE WEATHER. We even fake house hunted one day and went to open houses in Santa Monica. Yep, we were those people that real estate agents HATE. 

These are things of note: 

  1. Hike/walk/jog Runyon Canyon. It really is as great as everyone says. Plus, we ran into a friend walking down while we were walking up. SMALL WORLD.
  2. Eveleigh on Sunset - LOVED this place. Feels very NON sunset and much more Brooklyn, which is of course my speed. Stay away from the lemonade unless you want to have the most delicious drink in the world (AKA have as much as they are legally able to sell you)
  3. Malibu. period. Driving through the canyons is so calming and different from the normal LA scene that we've all come to know.
  4. Canter's Deli. Hate to say this, but I would pass on this well-liked, historic joint. I mean... mehhhh. The pics represent something delicious. It was pretty ok.
  5. Driving through the desert is my favorite drive ever. 
  6. AOC - this is recommended as a top restaurant in LA and it more than deserves the title. 
  7. Chateau Marmont pool. I mean... YES.

I feel like that's a pretty generic list... and it is, but whatever. We mostly had fun with our friends and then Ron rocked out to the biggest screaming crowd we've ever faced in LA. Perfect trip all around.

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