where women glow and men plunder

where women glow and men plunder

I'm on the last leg of my flight back to New York, so I thought I'd get the Australia post party started. I think I may have beat jet lag... but that could just be the delirium talking. Or the pink elephants next to me. 24 hours of flying time -- hooray! My main goal at the moment (other than writing this post) is to get to New York and not forget to collect my bags. My second goal is to not forget to order pizza the second I get in the cab so it arrives at my apt 7-13 minutes after I get home.That's where I'm at right now (I feel I should preface anything I write right now with some sort of disclaimer).

If it isn't clear by my many instagrams, I'm quite enamored with Australia. This was our second trip to the land of marsupials and it only solidified my affection. While we did go for work & were busy from the minute we landed, it's nice to occasionally have a new office to work from. We based ourselves in Sydney, but also had shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, & Perth. At the end of the tour, we made a quick trip to Broom in WA to catch up on work and have a few days of quiet.

Sydney is like New York's cleaner cousin - lovely city, but it is indeed just another city (with the exception of Bondi). We're well acquainted with those, aren't we? Nonetheless, we love it. It's the only place in the world that I can get Ron to actually crave Thai food (well, I haven't tried Thailand), so I'm more than happy to indulge in all of the amazing authentic Thai here (naturally, it's a big outpost for Thailanders). At home when I suggest Thai for dinner it's generally met with a sigh and a look that says Ron would rather be eating pizza. Or a sandwich from the bodega (THAT DAMN BODEGA). On this trip we also found a French cafe that was very French in which all of the workers were French and the sandwiches were deliciously French (La Renaissance Cafe). 

We were there during Vivid Sydney which is a pretty neat little light show that they do on the harbor. I have absolutely nothing else to say about it, but felt it was worth mentioning? Oh hello, jet lag... there you are!

Our stop in Brisbane was short and sweet, but I did discover (via a band member's suggestion) Beach Burrito. Holy crap this is good stuff. First of all - they make a little "beach" with picnic tables behind their restaurant. Second - I got some sort of grilled veggie burrito that blew my mind right out of my head. Third - their menu looks like the Frances Cone t-shirt and that made me happy.

I'm going to leave Melbourne & Broome for next time. So much to say about those places and I have the very real feeling that if you didn't quit reading after that ridiculous first paragraph that there is no way you made it all the way down here.

Photographic evidence: 

photo guide: 
damn seagulls / Ron giving me "nap face" directly in front of the opera house / pre-sandwich Ron / sure, I'll take those macaroons / you're such a French sandwich! /  The Morning Show performance / Vivid Sydney / Syd > Melb / Beach Burrito menu / Beach Burrito beach / Brisbane > Syd / A Drop in the Ocean with Cam Nacson Band + James from The Vamps in Sydney

OH! If you missed it, here's Ron's performance on The Morning Show. Proud wife-aroo:

That's it for now. When my insomnia kicks in, I'll write more.