Lately: Studio Peeks

It's been basically all studio days and nights here lately. I usually pop by once a day to see what they're working on... and the rest of the time I relish in the silence that is my house when Ron isn't here. I MEAN I SIT AROUND MISSING RON'S VOICE. I kid, of course. I do miss that stinker when he isn't around asking questions and thinking of things to write on his white board. 

Get Lost in Central Park

As a general rule, New Yorkers agree that Central Park is the literal and figurative heart of the city. For me, it holds so many memories. Some mundane - I used to walk home through the park every day after work to decompress. Some life altering - I had my first date with Rp in the park and that's also where we got engaged. I've watched countless movies, seen amazing concerts, listened to the New York Philharmonic, & trained for a half marathon in this park. However, one of my favorite things about this green strip of the city is that you never know what you're going to get when you step foot inside.