Travels: Where to next?

Travels: Where to next?
Broome, Western Aus

Broome, Western Aus

Happy Friday, my loves! It's currently 5:30am and I have been in insomnia town for about 3 hours. Blah. If you listened to Popecast numero 4 then you probably remember that our roof sprung a leak during Nashville's latest torrential downpour. Because of that we've been sleeping in the guest bedroom ('cause we have one of those now, whaaaaaat) so maybe my brain is just out of sorts. I don't know. I'm not a brain scientist. Anyway, I decided to give up the fight against awakeness and go ahead and make some tea and write about my feelings. 

Psych! I don't have feelings on the internet!

Also, guys, I just realized that my pants are on inside out. #blessed.

So Ronaldo and I are trying to plan a REAL NON-WORKING vacation for next April. We haven't done on of those since our honeymoon (which was two years ago). Obviously, we've traveled, but I'm talking about a vacation where we don't open laptops or look at phones. UGH just thinking about it makes me feel happy. Literally yesterday I almost had an anxiety attack because I left my phone in the locker at the gym. I NEED THIS. The biggest question is where do we go?? In January we'll be going to England, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, & Switzerland. After that we'll head around the whole U.S. and will end it with a week in Austin at SXSW. I mean, don't get me wrong - all of that is going to be awesome, but it's also going to be mostly 14 hour work days. Basically this is what I'm trying to decide between:

Scenario 1 - sit on the beach. read real non-electronic books. beer and frozen drinks to the face. lay down for the majority of the day. literally not care about anything. 

Scenario 2 - go totally unplugged in a european city we've never been to. drink amazing coffee. take photos with my real camera. eat our faces off. wander. literally not care about anything.

HELP ME DECIDE! We have some time, so feel free to send me your suggestions. 

Here are some photos from past wanders 'round the globe

Puerto Vallarta // Byron Bay // London // Montreal // Barcelona // Beijing // Paris

Well, that's about enough out of me. Enjoy your weekend & Happy Halloween!