Typical Days: Weekly Recap

Hello my loves!

Another busy week done and done! We're back in New York for the next week... we've got meetings, a music video shoot, tour rehearsals and two weddings! I have a few moments of quiet in the hotel before I have to start running around so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a little bit of the past week. 

1. We premiered a new song from Ron via PopMatters -- go listen to "Bad Intentions" now, now, NOW! It's a little different but is SO much fun to see live. Huge fan. Listen here

2. Popecast #5 went up this week. We tell you about all of our ridiculous jet lag stories... and how we attempt to avoid the whole thing all together. It has about a 50% success rate, so really, we don't know anything. Listen to THAT here. 

3. We posted a little update for pledgers with a new song preview. This one is amazing and sad... which so many of you love! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ronpope/updates/61614

4. We had brunch at The Garden Brunch Cafe in Germantown in Nashville. It was crazy cute. We had to wait about an hour... but that's pretty par for the course in Nash. Too many people, not enough brunch! For those of you bemoaning the influx of hipsters into Nashville, this is the place for you! The hipster percentage was holding steady at about 1%.

5. Putting together our house has been one of my favorite hobbies of late. It's going to take FOREVER at the pace I'm going since I can only focus on it for a few hours a week. Plus, basically all of our money is going toward our business right now. We found this amazing set at 8th Avenue Antique Mall  - and I can't decide if I'm going to get them recovered or let them stay pink velvet! Pretty rad either way. 

That's my pre-brunch face! Put eggs in me! 

These are from my Instagram if you're not following. I post lots of photos of Ron's pretty face. IG = @dancepanda