time ta go!

hej hej! 

hej hej! 


We're about to leave AGAIN! Just when I got a little settled. I almost  had a routine! Almost. Today we're off to Sweden, Germany, and The Netherlands. We get to spend the most time in Stockholm & Stuttgart, so as always, recommendations are appreciated. If you're not already, follow me on instagram (dancepanda) for behind the scenes shots of the bus and backstage. Hope to see you at one of these here shows!

June 21 - Hurricane Festival, Germany

June 22 - Southside Festival, Germany

June 25 - Headlining show, Stuttgart, Germany

June 26 - Headlining show, Cologne, Germany

June 27 - Headlining show, Eindhoven, Holland

June 29 - Bravalla festival, Norrkoping, Sweden

If you're there come say hi! I'll be around merch or lugging around a camera of some sort :] 

later, loves!