We got D to come to Paris!

We got D to come to Paris!

Today is no different than any other day. I am in New York and my Dad is in my hometown of Atlanta. As always, I wish we were closer (geographically, that is). 

My dad isn't too much of a traveler, but he is an adventurer all the same. My dad loves to learn and loves to explore. My dad loves being outside, soaking up the sunshine, and dreads the first hint of winter. My dad knows (and has always known) that at the core everyone is equal. My dad believes that you can do anything you put your mind to - ANYTHING. My dad believes in saying your prayers and being thankful for what you have right now - even if it isn't what you think you should have right now. My dad can say "It's ok. It will be ok" and I believe him. My dad is crazy in love with my mom. My dad knows no bounds when it comes to love - "unconditional" is a word best suited, but doesn't seem strong enough for how he loves. My dad is a worrier, but the good kind. My dad always has the right thing to say - no matter what the situation is. My dad is proud of me for things I haven't done yet. 

My dad is all of these things all the time - every day of the year.

My dad is the first man I ever loved - I love and cherish him more than he will probably ever know. Today is no different than any other day. 

But Happy Father's Day all the same!