that's right. that's ron. right ron.

that's right. that's ron. right ron.

So much to let you guys know about! Well, there's Sweden, Germany, Holland, the bus, Atlanta, Key West, Los Angeles... etc!  

I'm sure you guys know that we've been busy due to the sheer amount of stuff we've thrown at you! New single from The District... new single from Ron! Music Videos! Duets! Finished the new album! whew - SO.MUCH.STUFF.  There's been more than a few "work 'till midnight" days at our house. No complaints though.

I do promise to get around to all of our travels. For now, I'm just asking you to jump aboard the Ron Pope train and hold on because we're in full speed now! First and only stop: awesomeville. Mark your calendars: JULY 23RD ITUNES PRESALE & AUGUST 6TH OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE FOR...  


If you want to get involved and spread the word about said Ron Pope train, find our street team on Facebook and we'll hook you up. 

later, babydolls. miss you!