lemurs + monkeys = complete bliss

on our last day in Stockholm we decided to check out their open air museum, Skansen. This was the first of its kind in Sweden and after I read about it, I had to go! I relish every second we have off the bus and it's even better when there is something to see/do outside! While I visit museums in every city where I have time to, admittedly, they all start to look the same. This place is SO DIFFERENT

Sweet Sweden

Well, it's been a little over a month since we got home from tour and it's time to catch y'all up! If you've paid attention so far at all, you know that we LOVE Sweden, so that's where we shall start. To kick off the tour, we spent a couple of extra days in Stockholm to adjust and hopefully outsmart the dreaded jet lag. It might have worked... but we didn't account for the fact that the sun stays up until 11:30pm. That was a bit of an ass kicker, but pretty cool to see. Plus, can I mention again - WE LOVE IT THERE! I love the people, the city, the culture - alllll of it. So much so that we even took a few Swedish lessons before tour (Hej hej! vi ses! tack så mycket!). If it didn't get so damn freezing in the winter, I might consider living there for a while, but this southern lady needs a few months of mind melting heat.