rainy day bus activities

rainy day bus activities

So, everyone always asks about the bus. I mean EVERYONE. Like it's some grand thing. The reason I have never written about our giant mode of transportation is there's just not really anything to say about it. We sleep in coffin sized bunks (no telling HOW Kyle gets by in them), we sometimes eat on it, we make it a mess the instant we set foot on it, and I change in a teeny tiny room in the back and pray to God that no one comes barging in.  However, this is not to say that I don't love the bus. I actually really enjoy being able to go to sleep and wake up and be in the next city. Pretty neat. And much more leg room than our stinky old van. 

I'll answer some FAQ: 

1. Do you and Ron share a bunk? Hell to tha nahhh. For one, as I mentioned, they are small. Also, I usually go to bed before him - if he had to move me and open the curtains when he was ready for bed, I'd be one really unhappy panda. We did take a nap in a bunk once, though. I guess short term is doable, but I basically had to roll him out on the floor for me to get out when I woke up.

2. How's the bathroom? Terrible. I will not lie. Here are the rules: ONLY #1 allowed, no #2, and good God, no #3!!! Regardless of these rules, it always smells bad.

3. Do you, like, party on the bus? No. We spend hours and hours cooped up on the thing, why would we want to throw a party on the bus?  

4. What's the craziest thing to happen on the bus? Once we had a really weird driver who cried and screamed in his sleep. He also didn't really speak english... soooooo that was weird. 

5. Can fans come on the bus? No. Soweeeee. 

See? Nothing to know. Pretty boring. Nonetheless, here are some pics: 



oh, fine, the last one isn't on the bus, but didn't you want to see our faces anyway???