APRIL 2017

There's something about those charming, winding streets that make it impossible not to fall in love. We got lost multiple times, ate unfamiliar fish, and drank €10 carafes of wine. 

Hotel: Hotel Moresco

Favorite things:

  • Venissa for adventure dinner with stunning views
  • CoVino for a real taste of Venice from a tiny kitchen
  • Basilica di San Marco for unbelievable mosaics, enviable floors, and mind bending history
  • The Waterbus for the best way to get around town!
  • Bigoi for homemade pasta in a cup!
  • The Gritti Palace for fancy cocktails and ridiculous burrata 
  • Danghyra for a super special souvenir
  • Caffe Florian for espresso and hanging out with Casanova's ghost. It's touristy and expensive, but it's still fun.

Least favorite thing:

  • Sardines. Can't do it. 
  • Venetian style cuttle fish. I tried! I won't link, but google ;)

For all photos (including pictures of dogs in art and all selfies), please go here!