I don't know where you are, but I'm placing my bets on the fact that it's probably freezing. New York has been a frozen ice-hell since we got back from Nashville (which, oddly enough, was ALSO a frozen ice hell. The world is ending). I can't stop dreaming about taking break from life and going on a real vacation. However, according to our bank account, that sure isn't happening anytime soon. I don't know if you've heard, but making record has a hefty price tag. That and buying a house. Oh, and paying taxes. But enough about cash money. Let's talk about one of my favorite spots in the world. 

We discovered Padang Padang beach when we were honeymooning in Bali. "Discovered" is relative as it's not a secret, but it sure isn't blown up either. From the road, it's not immediately easy to find. You have to walk down steps built into a cliff... but once you emerge on the other side you find paradise. And Bintang for real, real cheap. They also sell cheap touristy things, but it's all pretty charming. 

Look how clever I am trying to look like I'm pushing over a big rock. Cute, blair, real cute. 

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday. Back to day dreaming for me...