Georgia: A Little Update

Hello my little dears. Hope all is well since we last spoke and that you're all carrying on with your resolutions. Mine are a little mehhhhh if I'm being real, real honest. Apologies for being absent for so long... I normally say we're busy and it's normally a good thing. Right now we're busy and I'm all over the place and it's not the best thing. However, I'm incredibly thankful that I'm able to be wherever I need to be whenever I need to be there. This generally hasn't been a place to spill emotions, but here are some things that are going on:

I'm writing in from my parents house in GA. We found out right before Christmas that my mother has a brain aneurysm - something we're a little too familiar with. My younger brother had an aneurysm rupture 10 years ago. He surprised the medical staff and survived the ordeal, but not without some lifelong repercussions. He has such a sweet heart and I am so thankful every single day because he's still here. 

So imagine our shock upon the discovery that my mother may endure the same fate (or worse). Luckily, the aneurysm was caught in time and they performed 2 different surgeries to significantly lessen the possibility of rupture. Since then she's been in and out of the hospital with complications - after surgery #1 it actually did slightly rupture, which was terrifying. It has been exhausting, scary, and honestly just overwhelming, but I think she's in a good place for recovery now. I've been going back and forth trying to be as helpful as I can to everyone. 

On top of that, Ron and I bought a house in Nashville. Clearly, if I knew any of this family stuff was going to happen we never would have put in an offer, but it did and all things happened at once. I'm definitely excited, but I haven't spent much time there and don't really want to focus a lot of energy on it now. Anyone who's moved over state lines knows how ridiculously time consuming it is and I don't have time for that!

PLUS, something really unexpected is happening on the business side of things -- so it's just a lot! 

My brain feels like it's melting, but I absolutely don't want to complain. Things could be a lot different and this could be an entirely different post. 

Thank for always reading my rambles - just wanted to tell you why I've been away! Hopefully I'll be back soon.