I'm alive and I'm on a river. 

I'm alive and I'm on a river. 

Hey... heyyyyy.

I've really sucked at this "being a blogger" thing, haven't I? Well, fret not. We're alive and well... we're just busy! Plenty to update you on, but I figured I'd post a gratuitous photo of myself on the Seine in my new boots. woo! If anything happens to me... remember the boots. 

Just so you're not in the complete dark...

  • Ron finished writing the new record (double/triple yayyyyy!)
  • I finished a big project I was working on
  • Took a short trip to Barcelona
  • We've entertained countless visitors
  • We're moving back to Brooklyn NEXT WEEK.
  • ... which means we're LEAVING Paris
  • I'm the worst combination of sad/excited

SO - things aren't slowin down anytime soon, but I'm sure you know that's A-OK with me and this crew. New stuff coming up soon! Don't go too far... 



PS - boots are Surface to Air if you care about that sort of thing.