Tunes: Backstage Pass // 1

Since my brain has been all "tour tour tour" lately, I thought I'd take you guys backstage to see how we live on the road. I'll keep this up through the upcoming tour. I actually really dig checking out the green rooms at different venues. Sometimes they are TERRIBLE (nasty bathroom, smell like puke, no food, etc)... sometimes they are filled with magic. Magic meaning, good stuff to make sandwiches out of, a well stocked refrigerator, and a couch that doesn't look like it's 2000 years old. We basically live with just the necessities on the road so when ANY little luxury comes along it's total bliss. Bonus points if the wifi password is posted in a highly visible location! Now that I'm saying all of this out loud, it's actually pretty depressing to think about what makes you happy while on tour. A sandwich! Well, that's the life we chose. Blissed-out sandwich life. 

This set is actually from festival season, so our green rooms were a bit more airy than normal. Can't you smell the mud? Ah, festivals. 

Speaking of tour - who is coming to hang out with me next year?? Oh, I mean, who is coming to watch Ron play... yep, that's what I meant >> grab tix