Typical Days: Wknd Recap 9.14.15

Typical Days: Wknd Recap 9.14.15

So this was supposed to post yesterday (Monday), but the internet currently hates our house.

After a busy week in New York for meetings & tour rehearsal, Ron and I came back to Nashville for two very different weekends. He headed to the lake for a bachelor party and I had the pleasure of hosting a few of my sweet family members at our new house in Nashville. Football, nephews, food & wine took up my time... Lord knows what Rp got into. The cool news is that you find out about ALL sorts of things that are broken or don't work at your house when you have guests -- ugh, I don't want to adult. I also got my mom all to myself for one night, which was so much fun. We accidentally treated ourselves to a steak dinner and plenty of wine. I mean it was sort of an accident - we really didn't mean to go to a steak house for dinner, we just ended up at one. Oops, don't you hate when that happens?

Pictured below: Bonuts from Biscuit Love Brunch, a Vol-loving selfie, the prettiest mama around, and some monkeys

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